Taking the Assignment & Marketing

Relationships built on trust; performance built on experience. SLC is extremely selective in deciding which assignments to accept. First, we determine the seller’s needs and goals. Then we determine how their property is positioned in the market and its most probable sales price. If the seller is in agreement with our findings, and we are confident that their goals are realistic and attainable, we will accept the assignment, roll up our sleeves, and begin development of a creative, customized strategic marketing plan to reach the most qualified buyers. In addition to using broad-based marketing tools such as internet sites and key real estate and marketing trade publications, SLC also capitalizes on the personal relationships and reputation we have built over the years. We have a significant buyer base and exceptional working relationships with many of the local, regional and national developers and builders active in Florida and the Southeast. These relationships, along with our ability to understand our buyers’ needs, give us access to the key decision-makers of these firms. As each marketing plan is implemented, we provide our clients with regular verbal and written progress reports identifying who has been contacted and the feedback we receive from each prospect. We seek out prospective buyers on a daily basis through our extensive marketing efforts, which lead new developer and builder prospects entering the market to find us as well. Our well-established name recognition and long-term standing in the real estate community compel new companies entering the market to contact us through “word of mouth” referrals from satisfied clients and colleagues.