SLC’s Proprietary Value Mapping™ System

A unique ability to assess and optimize land value.

SLC was one of the first real estate companies in Florida to incorporate a Geographical Information System into our operations. We realized the enormous benefit that this technology would bring to SLC and our clients, and have spent years perfecting our proprietary system.

Using the data we have incorporated into our proprietary integrated mapping system, we are now enable to quickly review any potential impacts from wetlands, flood zones, hydric soils and topography to thoroughly evaluate a land tract’s physical characteristics for development or sale. Additionally, this analysis is an extremely valuable tool for site selection assignments.

While this data should eventually be verified in the field by qualified environmental and engineering consultants, our initial GIS-based review provides clients with an extremely detailed and useful understanding of an asset’s potential impacts and value – on an exceptionally efficient and cost-effective basis.

Our integrated mapping system provides other valuable data, including:

  • Land use, zoning and overlay districts
  • Distinct product types such as subdivisions, apartments, offices, retail and industrial.
  • Existing and proposed development projects with high resolution aerial overlays.
  • Schools, hospitals, restaurants, parks, employment centers, etc.
  • Sewer and water line locations.
  • Proposed roadway alignments.
  • Municipal boundaries