Administering complex real estate assets.

David Berner, President of SLC, and Bill Short are also a principals of Terra Management Group (TMG), a unique and innovative real estate service company tailored to administer complex real estate assets for institutional clients. In today’s difficult real estate market, this capability is called upon more and more often. TMG’s primary focus is to provide superior comprehensive management and disposition services needed to reposition and sell large-scale residential based planned and mix-use developments. These multi-faceted properties require extensive supervision and oversight until sold. TMG’s services encompass the management of everything from the tedious day-to-day operations to macro-marketing and sales planning and execution. One of TMG’s primary advantages over other consulting firms is the depth of its management team’s experience and their ability to offer clients an integrated, single point of contact and responsibility for all management and marketing issues. TMG’s team of professionals has in-depth experience in marketing and sales, development, construction and project management. The firm also has specific expertise in managing and disposing of complex real estate assets for lending institutions. This level of experience can be of significant value to a client’s understanding of their properties and in meeting the challenges of ownership as part of the foreclosure decision process, as well as in the marketing and selling of debt prior to foreclosure.