Navigating a complex land use, zoning and regulatory environment.

SLC often assists clients in obtaining the entitlements necessary to maximize the value of their assets. Whether you choose to rezone the property for resale or take it through the complete construction plan approval process for an intended use, SLC and its affiliate, Terra Management Group provides trusted, turnkey management of all the necessary entitlement services.

When entitlements are achieved in a timely manner, it often dramatically shortens the transactional cycle of the raw land as well as maximizing its value. SLC will assemble and manage a team of expert professionals (engineers, planners, traffic consultants, land use attorneys, etc.) with the precise skills to streamline the entitlement process and deliver superior results.

Land is a very complex asset, especially in today’s environment. The regulatory challenges facing landowners are unprecedented. The local, state, county and federal regulatory landscape is changing constantly and increasingly restrictive requirements can negatively impact land assets.

Given these enormous challenges, it is critical to carefully analyze the many contingencies that impact an asset and devise a plan which will optimize its value.

Some of the most important issues include:

  • Sewer and water availability through the anticipated build-out.
  • Wetlands and protected species, which can reduce the amount of land available for development and require costly mitigation requirements.
  • Certain flood zones can also reduce the amount of land available for development, again substantially increasing costs.
  • Concurrency impacts can often have a devastating impact due to extensive offsite infrastructure requirements that may be needed to develop the asset.
  • Current and proposed land use, zoning and overlay districts.
  • Current and proposed impact fees.

Understanding these issues is paramount to achieving an accurate valuation and positioning of an asset’s development potential. SLC’s unique combination of resources, technology and expertise provides a comprehensive assessment of these challenges, and recommends the strategic plan that will most effectively minimize their impacts.